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ESCA Catches

Rigging Ideas:
There are many ways to add an esca to your terminal tackle, here are a few techniques. If you have come up with a new way to improve your own fishing success using an esca light, please share your discovery so that other fishermen can benefit from your idea. Please email us at
Dropper Loop
Dropper loop fishing, both from a private boat or a long range sportfisher is a great way to entice the bite on bottom dwelling fish like amberjacks, yellowtail, grouper and many other species. Lots of ways to rig an esca for this type of fishing, here are a few ideas.

ESCA lights can easily be added to almost any lure. An esca is a natural addition to any deepwater jigging but this device can be used beyond that for good success. Some have found it productive to add an esca to their trolling lures since there is an electro-magnetic field generated by the small device. EM target location is an area of emerging science, it is well known that certain fish species have specific cells which are sensitive to electro magnetic influence, mako sharks being one well known species. It is felt that many fish make use of EM targeting for prey location.
Natural Bait
Live and fresh dead bait is a popular fishing style, and you can improve your catch by making use of an esca. Deep water by day, shallow or deep at night, an esca will improve your catch. In the squid image below the esca is shown inside the bait's body. This can be a very effective technique, no doubt. But, you don't have to rig the attractor inside a bait in order for the light to attract the attention of a predator. Simply having the esca light close will draw attention and interest.



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